Why can't we retain?!?

Ill tell you why they cant retain, You walk into a recruitment center "i'd like to become an ACS Tech" they reply "how about cook?" and you say "i'd prefer ACS" and they go "Infantry it is" and then lets not forget about the fact that your Sgt or WO is jacking you up cause you had a button undone and yet he's 350lbs and his buttons physically cant stay done up. I'm so sick of the morbidly obese chain of command telling you your not following dress code when it literally states you must maintain a health physique. I feel the main reason people leave or don't join is because all the higher ups (MCpl and above) have a little big man complex. Ive been trying for 10 years to switch to ACS but they keep fucking me over, which is why i don't intend on staying. Why would i dedicate my life to something that wont give me a fair opportunity. Change the recruitment policies, and promote based on hard work not time in or technicalities.

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