Can't have sex with gf, can't view any ~materials~ that aren't her

yeah offcourse pregnancy is difficult i understand your point , but i don't think or agree that watching porn or sexy girls on insta is cheating or even close to cheating . Cheating is having sex with other people while bieng married or in a relationship , but i just don't see it as bad , sometimes people just wanna relax and have fun ... people try mongamy these days and im not saying to have monogamy , what im saying that having sex with some friend once or twice shouldn't be a crime , cause love is love and sex is sex . and i know people would disagree , but i think its totally fine . What i am searching to find a partner is not sexual intimacy or sexual compatability , but emotional compatibility , and also you need to keep in mind that i like blowjobs and most girls don't like blowjobs , how is one supposed to fullfill his needs and desires ? its not shameful or bad that i want blowjobs , its not . But why should i leave perfectly fine and good emtional connections just because i don't have blowjobs ? and i cant leave blowjobs cause its a need and i like it .

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