I can't stand the incredibly common harassment of girls in my age group, in my country

You shouldn't talk to girls

That's not good advice. At all.

And now about how common touching is. I don't think i need to continue here.

I think you DO need to continue on that because, news flash, girls like to touch and be touched. I literally get hugs from girls every single day before school because they "need a hug". The people I know well? It's assumed they want a hug when they approach me and open up their arms.

Sometimes, they'll even say, they need a really good, LONG hug and then they'll explain why.

I'm not special either, there's a lot of hugging outside before and after school every single day.

All people need to be touched once in a while. It's an actual human need and isn't just for girls; guys need that too.

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