Can't go to there any way I can learn the skills of therapy by myself? Will the skills of therapy even help me?

Well I don't know, there must be some useful information out there, right?

I know it probably sounds arrogant saying I have more insight into myself than most therapists, but it's not meant to be arrogant. It's true. I really do wish they would tell me something new that would cause me to have a "breakthrough," but it's literally never happened. Usually they either

a) don't say anything, and just stare at me to get me to continue talking, and never respond with anything meaningful besides acknowledging what I said and repeating it back to me

b) after doing a) for most of the session, they give me some stupid truisms and platitudes that are not even remotely helpful

or c) they just talk about random shit with me and it's not clear what any of this has to do with therapy.

I mean like, I have heard people are supposed to get "homework" from their therapists and are told to practice certain skills throughout the week. But the only therapist who ever actually taught me skills and gave me homework was the first one I went to when I was 10 for OCD. The rest of them never even tried to actually teach me was all just a one-sided conversation about my problems that never seemed to have any point.

I have heard that therapists are supposed to ask you what challenging situations came up in a given week (that are related to whatever disorder you have) and then they are supposed to give you advice on how to handle those situations. But as I mentioned in my last post, the majority of the therapists I went to refused to give me any concrete advice.

I mean everyone always talks about therapy as the be-all and end-all, so apparently it must do something for somebody. But all the things that are supposed to happen in therapy, never seem to happen when I go there. It's all just "take this medication" and then they get pissed at me when I say "no" and act like I am choosing to remain mentally ill and being difficult for no reason. Or it's me just talking one-sidedly for an hour and not really getting any response back that would be any different than if I was talking to a random person.

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