Can't trust a nut

That's good to hear. I knew the same, but in my stupid 19 year old mind I wanted to know what it felt like because it obviously must be so good that people are ruining their lives over it. Pretty dumb eh.

Suboxone is a prescription drug that is for opiate addiction. It's got two drugs in it, one that won't let you take opiates and one that curbs your cravings and withdrawals. It's like those old listerine strips but these you put under your tongue. It's technically an opiate, a strong one too, but it doesn't give you the positive effects, so your body thinks you have the drug but you don't really feel anything.

The downside is that withdrawals from suboxone are supposedly 10x than heroin and the fact that you kind of forget you're even using it makes it scary, because you end up being a slave to it and can never really get off. You'd need to take a week off work where you can w/d but the thought is really fucking scary. I'm tying to slowly taper off but as soon as you take a little less you really feel like complete shit.

Yeah it's quite a shit show.

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