You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Additionally, it seems the Daesh's success is largely fought by recruiting those that see it as fighting for Islamic values


(which is crazy)


Here is another circumstance. The bigots at Westboro baptist church have indeed sullied the baptist name, and some churches have elected to change their name because of it.

Other than the name, what changed? Nothing. Nothing but marketing and branding. Both sets of churches still attract the same types of people.

Baptists can't stop other baptists from identifying themselves as such. And if they don't like what other baptists are doing, then it is up to them to change their brand, not the other way around, in order to reflect their differing beliefs.

If isisi fighters think they're fighting for islam, then that's that. Period. And if that fact butthurts peaceful muslims, then the onus on them to market themselves as something different from isis.

But by going around telling others not to sully the name of islam because of what some other islamists are doing, then that's a form of whitewashing.

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