Can't upload any pre-recorded videos

Oh fuck really? I'm not OP but I've just been looking around for the upload button as I knew we all could upload video at one point, but I didn't know it changed to only being for affiliates and partners. How absolutely frustrating.

All I want to do is use an AI program that edits game footage that I saw advertised on reddit, but streaming it to them both during gameplay or just streaming the video is atrocious (thinking its a mix of them not having much in the way of servers and Australian internet - but either way a lot of frame drops) so I thought I'll use the twitch option instead. Maybe I will try streaming it to twitch and hopefully nobody tries to interact with my stream because it is just a video and that should be okay, because our internet shouldn't be THAT BAD and I'm thinking the other website itself was also to blame (ie where servers are etc) but I'd still much much rather upload a video that I know won't have those issues (and also won't mean people are watching a recorded video as a stream) rather than potentially deal with problems that actually turn out to be related to AUS internet being shittier than US internet.

Platforms seem to really like throwing spanners in the works and changing things. I guess I'll see how this goes now.

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