You realize that doesn’t change the overall imbalance, right? Everyone could, on aggregate, increase value and productivity several times over, but it will actually make the imbalance worse. The top 1% keeping the ever increasing earnings while we stagnate despite producing ever more) with almost no change to real wages once inflation/COL increases are accounted for) unless we do something to keep the vast majority of the population to keep from getting fucked while the top hoards all the gains?

Just FYI, productivity has skyrocketed since the 60s. If minimum wage had kept up with productivity and purchasing power since then, it would be $22 today.

I’m glad you’ve found success and that donating to charities makes you feel good, but charities have been a bullshit . If they were just as good as the social services they’re brought up alongside, we wouldn’t have to have those social services at all. No one would wade through the bureaucracy when they could just hit up the charities.

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