[caps] “anarcho” capitalism is not an ideology it is a symptom

All I hear is seething and crying. Libertarianism is our word now, and we deserve it more than you ever did. Belief in liberty and decentralization doesn't necessitate believing in the discredited economic ideology that is socialism.

But left-anarchism is even worse than Marxism. I can at least have a productive conversation with a Marxist. Anarchism is a bunch of vulgar, content-dropping, self-serving nonsense. It undermines liberty by conflating it with egalitarianism, and undermines the human spirit by substituting it with degeneracy and infantilism. It's funny, even Engels and Lenin, for all the atrocities they brought to the world, were right about anarchism. It has the character, not of the actual working class, but of drunks and vagabonds.

>Every ideology rooted in social darwninism is authoritarian has it is used to justify the rule of what the ideology believes is the superior group. This is why there isn’t a useful distinction between authoritarian right wing and libertarian right wing.

This flies in the face of reality, not withstanding that most libertarians are not social Darwinists. The libertarian right comes into conflict with the values and policies of the authoritarian right just as much as the left does. And might I also mention, that nearly everything that anarchists do, in practice supports and enforces the values of the system, run by establishment liberals.

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