Captain Marvel and Representation

I feel like many of Marvel’s female characters start as, basically, the exact same character. Seemingly emotionless, closed off badass.

As a woman, I’ve always found that incredibly boring and it’s an overused trope. Where’s the warmth and caring? Where’s the emotion? That’s relatable to me.

I’m reserving judgement on Carol, because I didn’t much care for Gamora during her debut (even though I adore Zoe Saldana), and she very quickly became one of my favorite characters once there was some development and she started feeling comfortable enough to show her true colors.

I haven’t seen enough of Carol’s character yet to form an opinion. She’s definitely cool, her powers are amazing, and she can be funny at times, but considering she had an origin film where she basically didn’t know who she was and didn’t know who her real friends were, it’s hard to relate to her just yet. I think if given time she’ll become a good addition to the MCU.

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