Car full of Lime scooters (I wonder when we'll see this in brisbane)

That doesn't mean it's reported to the ATO.

The business owner provides an invoice, the payer pays the invoice and then the business owner reports the income/expenses on their tax return.

An ABN is a public identifier that ensures the payer that the business is in fact registered, and they can charge GST if they are registered. It still doesn't mean all ABN's and payments are reported to the ATO. In some cases this does happen, but they aren't relevant to Lime contractors at least. The taxable payment annual report is where a payer would quote all payments and business details of sub contractors, and that report is only for the building and construction industry. And then you have UBER reporting all payments made to drivers to the ATO. Once again both scenarios are very specific and don't apply to all entities running a business.

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