Cara during the premiere had NO redeeming qualities at all. I try hard to find the positive because she has a massive fanbase but I cannot understand the appeal. What am I missing?

Yes, it does appear that the only people enjoying this version are the fanatics who would love her regardless of anything she may or may not do. It's like some people view her as this beacon of light and acceptance for people's inner outcast, and that will always outweigh any number of other issues - it's almost like a cult for some people, it just blows my mind to see how passionately some of her fans defend her in her truly awful moments. I guess it's also the issue I have with "stan" culture in general. Why pride yourself on loving everything about some celeb figure? It's not a marriage, you don't have that sort of relationship, and why is it a good idea to love some celeb even when they start behaving terribly.

I use to love Cara so much, mainly because of being such a plucky little underdog, but I don't enjoy the person she's become at the moment, and it does baffle me that so many fans still defend every move so aggressively. She is their patron saint.

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