Cardano Daily Discussion - May 08, 2022

The fascinating thing about human mind is that we can rationalize any decision and any believe we have no matter how silly. The way we know its silly is when you asks questions why they believe what they believe.

Comparing gold to seashells is a perfect example of that silliness. Does every major Central bank in the world hold seashells as asset class, behind closed vault doors and maximum security? Do seashells trade on a major market exchanges in billions of dollars on a daily basis and no, selling seashells by the seashore does not qualify. Can you use seashells as a collateral everywhere in the world or turn it into instant fiat with no effort what so ever. Gold is not an asset class because it use to be used as method of exchange like the many things humanity did in last few thousands of years, but because its still money today.

There is a reason why you can buy oil and gas from Russia for gold today but you cant for seashells. Not sure how you arrived at the concussion that I admitted buying Precious Metals is silly but go a head, just put all your money into crypto, the volatility will not only drive you mad but it might just make you want to buy some seashells.

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