Why do you care so much?

I'm going to get a few quotes together first to show what you've said about love so far so we can get a grasp of what we're dealing with.

love does exist somewhere. in the brain. we have seen mri scans of peoples brains who are in love. we understand the what, how and where of love. theres nothing mysterious about it.

A few simple google searches will show you the amount of research we have done on it. We know what parts of the brain are stimulated when experiencing love and what those patterns look like in mri scans. we can recreate those same feelings and patterns by manipulating the brain through drugs. love has been answered by science. seriously, do a modicum of research before making asinine statements.

Its not my explanation. Its the explanation provided by the scientific community. So you reject a natural explanation based on evidence? but will accept unverifiable claims of magic? Can you give me one example where science was wrong on something and scripture was right?

But there is a very good understanding in neurology about the feeling we call love. what triggers it, what region of the brain it occurs in and what chemicals it releases, etc.

Okay, so so far your posts have entailed references to mri scans of the different parts of the brain that are active when a person is experiencing love, the hormones involved and have claimed that this means "love has been answered by science."

Now, in my previous post I pointed out my basic view. That looking in a physical manner of what something literally is, does not denote what something actually is in its entirety. Money is more than just green paper with a hologram, a person on etc. And love is more than hormones and brain activity.

I think you did an okay job of making an analogy to prove why this is the case already.

thats like saying that a car is made up of metal and plastic without actually saying that it takes you from a to b.

So we can conclude that love is, in fact, a lot more complex than simply that it's "made up of hormones and brain activity" without actually saying what it's for, what it does, its purpose and what its experience is like.

I'm sorry if my post comes off as stupid, and that I appear to be a moron. I'll put on my intelligent cap and do my best for you.

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