Career Advice - Wish someone told me this 20 years ago

Everyone is different but If I could give advice to me from a few years ago it would be to make progress, every day, a small goal to do something for 1-2h every day or once two days ( for example, master a single tool ). Don't stress, don't demand from yourself too much, it's ok to fail, just keep practicing and you will see the results in 6 months or a year. And this is very important because I used to do something for 1-2 weeks and give up, because I didn't see a point in doing it, for example learning Linux from a course ( I was tired of learning things that from my point was useless ). So when you give up at 10-30% of the course it's not worth losing your time. But actually doing 80-100% of the course is awesome and you will really see the results. You will never regret that you learned something more anymore.

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