Be Careful of Predatory Behavior from "Advisors" with Big Banks

My experience of getting anything done at banks have been similar - two occasions, and two different big banks

(1) I wanted to get a credit card, I am a young student, want to get my first one. I have researched before applying and decided on what I want. They still managed to put credit card insurance on my credit card. I never asked for it, nor needed it. I only realized they sold me such a thing when I got my statement next month.

(2) My debit card - needed to do something about it as I was reaching my transaction limits. What the bank offered me was a higher priced plan and nothing else ( and me being me, went with it initially). I did my own research and ended up getting a credit card a short while later.

In short, they have always wanted to sell me "subscription" stuff. I never asked for that. And solution to all my problems were something that cost more.. smh

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