Be careful when grouping with a Tauren druid called Cardab. (Elysium PVP)

I am the Cardab this post is referencing. Here is the item I was accused of "ninja'ing" from a lvl 39 hunter named Khazgore (another party member in the dungeon at the time remembers Khazgore from earlier levels being toxic towards other players, was not surprised). He did not reserve or say anything before or during the group, and they were a pretty big upgrade for my main spec. A lot of people are making up stuff about me rolling need on bows in WC and mail in SMC that isn't true and they still provide no evidence. A couple days ago two blue BoEs dropped during an SMarmory run and there were no problems there rolling greed even though one was a huge upgrade for me because I thought that was fair. I really do not care about people ignoring me / blacklisting me (I've received about 50 in-game whispers within the last 24 hours from different people I don't know harassing me about this). I've had an awesome vanilla experience thus far and I'm really thankful for all the cool people I've met through questing and dungeons. I've literally only been leveling with 1 other friend during this entire process and I can't remember a time where there were any dickish things ever being said to someone in any setting really.

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