Be careful with etiz powder

Oh shit. This happened to me too... but with clonazolam. The last thing I remembered was licking powder off my thumb while shaking my PG solution in the other hand and about 10 seconds after I did that I had realized how badly I fucked up. I couldn't even make myself vomit because it's a benzo and it had already made a good amount of contact with my mucus membranes. Almost immediately I started feeling wavier than the fuckin' coast. It couldn't have been any longer than 10 minutes tops. It was one of the most retarded strong highs I've ever felt but I only remember a couple minutes of it (obviously), I must have taken up to 5mg on zero tolerance. I woke up a day later in my own bed to my friend trying to shake me awake, he had to get the maintenance dude in my apartment building to let him in because I live alone.

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