Cargo ship blocking Suez Canal has been refloated, says Inchcape

I am convinced that these formosans and nipplefucks as well as the germs, weaboo failures and nazi collaborator dogs sucking up to those same-lows are a liability to this world. The ship is owned by a nip(ple) subsidiary, managed by a germ company, and sails under the renegade formosan flag. First they and the western capitalist pariah dogs caused the global chip shortage due to drought and more maladministration, and now these two problem children jam up your suez.

I feel very bad because we didn't rule them and educate them. Now you know separatism is bad. I hate it when our friends get hurt because of these liabilities.

The world has no need for these capitalist diseases.

I hope the stillborn ship sinks or gets bombed until it sinks and you animals die with them.

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