Carlton dinner parties be like


You praise cyclists and put down drivers, treating them with contempt and acting all entitled = massive upvotes

People who refuse (exclduing me) to circlejerk and endulge bike riding...negative downvotes.

Now lets see why the brunsberg fixie brigade are despised.

YOU have made this issue massive.

Every time YOU put on a helmet and ride out the door YOU automatically go into this massive defensive mode and the hatred for the driver kicks in.

YOU are the one who does something stupid on the road and then arcs about it when anyone dares calls you out.

YOU are the ones that go stupid and bang on car drivers roofs or bonnets if the driver did anything remotely wrong. When you run reds, when you almost knock pedestrains over, when you ride in a manner that makes a driver then attack the driver as a deflection.


YOU are the one who act entitled on the road.

YOU are the ones who cannot accept any kind of responsibility for your shit actions on the road. Its never your fault and when it is, is the councils fault for not making a bigger better bike track.

YOU are the ones who treat the rest of us like uneducated simpletons because we drive and we dont know how much we doing damage to the environment, dont believe me, just ask a north fitzroy cyclist. Funny thing is, these enviromental carbon warriors are the biggest consumers of carbon.

Then YOU show up to work with your fixies and start to either bitch about drivers or go on about how awesome YOU are because you ride 5-10km to work.

Now do you fucks understand why there is a strong hatred for bike riders who live all live in the same area? We dont hate bike riders in general, the hate is directed at the same type of individual.

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