Carly Fiorina’s exaggerated claims about Americans’ views on Planned Parenthood and the 20-week abortion ban: Three Pinocchios

Okay, my entire upbringing as a catholic and attending catholic school for 12 years doesn't give me a clue as to what is going on? My parents are practicing catholics who use condoms. In my parish there is only one family with more than 12 children (which is THE sign for no condoms being used).

You obviously don't understand the thinking behind the Pro-Life movement. They associate anything that gets in the way of a baby arriving into this world as a form of abortion (albeit with the exception of things out of human control).

All of Christianity? So every single denomination? No.

I'll give you a little bit of history here.

Pope John Paul II went on a big Pro-Life fest in the 80's/90's. Saying mainly that every life is sacred. He didn't solely mean that towards abortion but did include abortion within the statement. It was mainly meant to say, all life, the poor children, the rich man, the unborn child even.

There is no mistake here, what is now seen as the modern Pro-Life movement is a result (among other things) of JP2's actions.

Other Christian groups hopped on board because it is also in line with their beliefs as well. Who doesn't want to stop baby murder?!

The majority of American Catholics use condoms. I don't have numbers of course for the amount of Catholics in places like Africa which are being lied to about condoms and in turn don't wear them. So you MIGHT be right about that.

My facts are anecdotal. My conclusion is from logical thinking and life experiences as well as years and years of religious study and research.

Go fuck yourself. Pretty easy to just disagree without backing ANYTHING up.

It was really fun when reddit didn't harbor such morons. You could have someone disagree with you but it led to a real discussion on the topic not just. NO YOU'RE WRONG. sounds like a fucking 5 year old trying to prove a point.

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