Carmelo Anthony was never a top 5 player. Not even once.

Funny how Melo led a Nugget team to a playoffs the first year he was there when Lebron didnt lol Also he was in the west, which is ALOT harder to have success than in the east where Lebron has been his whole career. Melo had to deal with spurs, mavs, and lakers year after year. Taking the nuggets to the WCF and losing to the Lakers who were eventually champions is comparable to lebron going to the finals and getting swept by west team lets be honest. Has melo even been swept before? I know lebron has. Unfortunately your not realizing the effect of teammates have on personal stats. He never played with a current all-star while lebron goes in forms a superteam with 2 HOF’s ironically THEN he has success lol Dont blame melo for not wanting to form a wack ass superteam like lebron did. He wanted to do it the traditional way. Dolan gutted the team instead of waiting for free agency. Not his fault, and he also thought him and amare could compete at that time. Which could of happened if amare wasn’t hurt constantly and punching fire extinguishers in the playoffs. The having to rely on JR Smith as your 2nd offensive option for the next 4 years, are you fucking serious. Then wonder why his efficiency was low.

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