Carragher: "Manchester United were never going to finish above City and Chelsea this season. People can’t keep talking about how United used to play under Sir Alex Ferguson."

I don't like to use the possession stat because we don't create much with our possession for it to justify anything.

I have the same argument with my dad all the time, I think it's just semantics. Usually by "dominate" I think of controlling the game, obviously possession plays a massive part on that. So by "dominate" I don't think which team had the better chances (which is what a lot of people think about when they say dominate), I think more about controlling the tempo and dictating the game.

we don't create much with our possession for it to justify anything.

Idk, I though recently we have created really good opportunities, we just haven't put them away. Most of our possession is still bland, slow, boring, and just for the sake of possession, but we are definitely starting to create (and miss...) more more chances.

I think we should always compare ourselves to the best teams

I agree, but I think now we need to focus on us, we are going through a massive rebuilding process. The United exceptionalism of "we need to play the United way," we "need to always challenge for the title not settle for top four," or "we need to compare ourselves to top teams" is not realistic and imo is demoralizing (as opposed to setting and achieving realistic goals). Yes we are United, but that, on its own right, doesn't make us better than anyone else and after 26 years of SAF we should understand we are no longer immune to the ups and downs and settling periods normal teams usually go through when they get a new manager (especially one that plays a completely different style of football and has to rebuild the squad almost from the ground up).

But then again, this are totally opposed yet valid philosophies. I think it's better to set realistic goals and achieve them (I think it's better for moral this way). But a lot of people believe in always aiming for the stars and worst comes to worse you still get pretty close (which shows belief in the players from the manger and it can be very positive, the problem with this is that you can only do it unsuccessfully so many times before everyone stops believing you, kinda like Arsenal).

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