Cars lining up for gas during Brazilian truckers/fuel strike (Belo Horizonte, MG, May 30, 2018)

The trucker/fuel strike in Brazil has been going on for 10 days now. Until Sunday there was virtually no gasoline available at any gas station in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Today (Wednesday) a few gas stations had gas available for an average of R$ 5 / L (US$ 6.09 / gallon) or R$ 22.71 / gallon. Bear in mind Brazilian real feels in the pocket roughly the same as a dollar for an American. Slowly things are getting back to normal as some truckers get back to work, unclog the roads and finish their strike. The loss is still being calculated. Chickens have dying without ration, milk has been wasted, crops have been dumped, among other losses. The goverment knew about the strike plans since October 2017 and did nothing to prevent it or the spectacular raises in diesel and gasoline Petrobras (national oil company) has been enacting for the past few months.

On the video: Belo Horizonte's highway connecting Savassi to Belvedere, passing through Ponteio Lar Shopping, a mall for house utilities, decor and furniture.

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