In case you know anyone who still has a problem with the concept.

has pretty good pay especially if you’re popular or win competitions

I'd say 'average' pay, at least according to Danielle Bostick. Something like 1k-10k/month (so 120k/yr at the high end). Real money comes from endorsements/merch...and I'm not sure what skater has had a great merch or endorsement deal since Tony Hawk.

That's not to say that there aren't skaters that are well paid, but if you look at the top earners for this year from actually skating/competitions it's not crazy except for the very best of the best.

THAAAT SAID it pays very well for the age bracket most competitors are in - it's more just a longevity thing (and it not paying well enough to have Fuck You retirement money generally, again unless you're best-of-best)

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