Cash Back for Medical Bills

The Kroger brand cards are capped at $3000 a year for medical expenses, which is pretty low. We have big expenses coming up as well and are planning to put as much as possible on a new Altitude Reserve card (or maybe two new cards) via Apple Pay as our medical office accepts contactless payments. This will give us the 50k SUB which is equivalent to $750 when redeemed for travel, plus 4.5% effective cashback.

For expenses we have already incurred so far this year, we put the minimum spend needed to get the 80k SUB on a new CSP + 1.1% cashback. The SUB transferred to our CSR makes it worth $1200, plus the 1.1% becomes 1.65% cashback. Then we put the minimum spend needed to get the 90k MR SUB on a new Amex Gold, which also gives us 20% cashback on dining in the first year up to $250. The remainder we put on a new CFU which gave us the $200 SUB + 1.5% cashback. The 1.5% transferred to our CSR becomes an effective 2.25%.

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