[GIVE] Cash, Donuts, Items, Characters

Fantastic! Here are the events I missed: Treehouse of Horror XXIII · Thanksgiving 2012 · Christmas 2012, Valentine's Day 2013 · St. Patrick's Day · Whacking Day · 4th July · Treehouse of Horror XXIV · Thanksgiving 2013 · Christmas 2013, Super Bowl Event · Valentine's Day 2014 · St. Patrick's Day 2014 · Easter · Stonecutters · 4th July

Other Promotionals: Moonshine River · Penny-Wiseguys · The Day the Earth Stood Cool, Gorgeous Grampa · Dark Knight Court · What Animated Women Want · Whiskey Business · Yard Sale · Homerland · Yellow Subterfuge, Married to the Blob · Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much · War of Art · Days of Future Future · The Yellow Badge of Cowardge · Yard Sale · Clown in the Dumps · Simpsorama · Covercraft

Missing Items: Hot Air Balloon Catapult Barbarian Statue Medieval Banner Two-nicorn Shadow Knight
Wizard Marge Barbarian Statue Barracks Blue Knight Nerd Blue Mage Nerd Blue Medieval Banner Blue Rogue Nerd Blue Warrior Nerd Blue & Green Medieval Banner Cardboard Gates Cardboard Tower Cardboard Wall Catapult Flaming Torch Guillotine Hay Cart Medieval Tent Recycled Gates Recycled Tower Recycled Wall Red & Gold Medieval Red Knight Nerd Red Mage Nerd Red Rogue Nerd Red Warrior Nerd Shadow Knight's Throne Stock Treasure Chest Two-Story Outhouse Windmill Fort Sensible Freak Show Tent Amateur Mage
Brave Tin Knight
Rascal Rogue
Warrior of Muffintop Pumpkin House Rigellian Queen Rigellian Tribal Hut Space Mutant/Drive-In Theater Moog Ghost Pirate Airship Grand Pumpkin Hover-Copter Portal to Rigel 7 Teleporters Alpha and Omega Tentacle Tree Rigellian Hunting License Bad Dream House Gingerbread House Super Collider Twirl ‘n’ Hurl Booberella Crazy Zombie Frog Prince King Snorky Shuffling Zombie Count Burns Devil Flanders Marge the Witch Ancient Burial Ground Burns Coffin Cauldron Dead Tree Freakmobile Jack-O-Lantern King Homer's Skyscraper Pumpkin Patch Ray Gun Spooky Tree Wailing Wall Ancient Burial Ground/Shuffling Zombie Bad Dream House/The Raven Devil Flanders/Heck House Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop/Maude's Ghost House of Evil/Talking Krusty Doll Mausoleum/Senile Zombie Pet Cemetery/Clawing Zombie + Snarling Zombie Springfield Cemetery/Crazy Zombie Victorian UFO/Number 51 Piggly's Super Smorg/Mrs. Bouvier Stomach Staple Center Caged Tom Turkey Heimlich Machine Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino/Tribal Chief Pow Wow's Casino Sign Snowball 2 Balloon Stampy Parade Balloon The Grumple Parade Balloon King Winter's Cave/King Winter Santa's Village Claus Co Costington's Egg Nog Bar Elf Home Snow Monster
The Grumple The Yes Guy Ebenezer Burns
Santa Flanders Santa Homer Bart Snowman Festive Candycane Festive Lawn Angel Festive Hot Drink Stand Festive Nutcracker Festive Trashcan Fire Holiday Tree Lisa Snowman Maggie Snowman Marge Snowman Santa's Little Helper Snowdog Santa's Workshop Snowball II Snowcat Christmas Frink's Lab Christmas Krabappel Apartment Christmas Muntz House Christmas Volcano Lair

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