Casino security people of Reddit, what’s the craziest/funniest/most horrific thing you’ve seen on CCTV?

Dude, you don't need to be watching the hidden bits to see insane shit. Every week I think, "Surely I have seen it all", and then the next thing you know, a guy pulls his dick out in the middle of the Chinese food place in the middle of the pop and pisses all over the floor. A bit before Christmas some guy jumped head first off the top parking deck. Some old lady had to be shocked back to life just after the ball dropped this year. Some foot fetish guy kept trying to lick some lady's toes in the steakhouse and had to be arrested.

You seem to think people are generally good, because you think the really horrible things happen out of view. NOPE. That ain't it at all. The real score is that people are fucking monsters from a nightmare, and are just looking for an excuse or a context where they can show you. And they do. Every single night.

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