CASTLE BUFF CONCEPT: so i believe what makes castle weak, is the way of how his gadget interacts with soft breachers operators, so i corrected them, any thoughts?

Let’s say you were playing in ranked and now all anchors barricade themselves in, on top of this you will have roamers, especially considering that with this new buff there would be more roamers and less anchors since reaching site is harder. Now with so many roamers around and on top of this whenever you blow the castle barricade the anchors know which angel to hold, I can’t see how the attackers won’t get fucked over. Just think about thrown room in Theme Park alone. If you had to put castle barricades and reinforced all the walls. There are two possible entries and on both of them you need to break a the barricade with an explosive and the defenders are holding angles on both doors waiting for you to enter.

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