Casual Discussion Fridays - Week of February 07, 2020

But that could have also happened if he had parted ways with Palpatine at some point, going his own way. Even if that had meant to kill Palpatine of flee from the Empire.

Palpatine knew that he had a very strong force user under his command and he did a great job walking the line between raising and opressing him, by holding out the prospect of teaching him the ways of life and death.

If Anakin had stayed true to the ways of the Jedi he might have become the most powerful Jedi that existed so far but he would still be bound by two limitations: He is just a single Jedi, with a limited human lifespan. And there were just too many conflicts for the jedi to mingle with. And to me it seems that Jedi rarely ever became proactive. That would be probably the most interesting aspect, as Anakin would probably do the same. It might be fun imagining something of a similar scale as the creation of the clone army, just on Anakin levels of crazy.

To this day I still don't understand how Syfodias(?) was able to raise that clone army. This must have cost an ungodly amount of currency. Even if he faked the authorization of the council and the senate, the Kaminos would have wanted some existential form of compensation?

But I have also only seen the first 6 movies and some clone wars animation. Not sure what other developments and revelations came after that.

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