Casual Teacher NSW: Haven’t Been Paid for 2 months due to SAP error. Need Advice.

Yes, I started working casually last week for the first time, at a high school in Sydney. I was previously working as a teachers aide at a primary school, so the department had all my banking details, super details, personal info, etc.

The high school tells me that I needed to fill in the banking forms again, which I did. All is well and a couple of days later, they can’t nominate me due to an error. The HT admin calls Edconnect and they do it manually. I worked all day last week, though the cut-off for getting paid was on Thursday. And to make matters worse, I finished my 4 week prac at this school, meaning I haven’t had an income for well over a month now.

It’s pretty annoying because I need the money to service my car and digging into my savings isn’t ideal.

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