Catalonia tells Spain it will push for secession with or without assent

ignores the work and investment by the people that live there and the benefits the rest of the country have obtained from them

Of course benefit goes both way. Everyone benefit from the trade, but I hate to break it to you. Cataluna is nothing special. The region has nothing that couldn't be set up in Valencia (for the trade) or region like Extramadura (for the service). If Spain had decide to invest their infrastructure in those region, Cataluna, pushed by misery would have rebeled long ago. As a foreigner living in Barcelona (Granollers), I was amazed by how oblivious independist are. In some way, they are like brexiter. Cataluna is strong, mostly because Europe and Spain want them to.

Britain invested a lot of money her America colonies

Colonies. COLONIES. Cataluna is not a colonie. It's part of Spain. It's Spanish territory. My coworker were talking about the "country of cataluna". That's just semantic to get some steam off their nationalist nerves. France is a country. Japan is a country. Spain is a country. Cataluna is a region.

Not even one they would win

How can you think Cataluna could win anything. It's a region. It has NO ARMY. Cataluna would be fighting, face to the enemy and blocked at the north by the pyrenees and East by the sea.


Democraty is merely but a tool to figure out if you are going to rize the tax. Not if you want your country to self explode. That's why "democratic vote" of catalan are a joke. They are totaly useless because it's not a choice they can make. If catalan are so much into independance, they can look for an island in international water and set up their "civilization" there. The current ground they live on belongs to Spain.

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