The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World (2009) - A debate from Intelligence Squared Debates that brings some of the biggest issues of the Church to light featuring Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry

Faith as defined by the Bible is actually ‘the assured expectation of what is hoped for’. You have faith the sun will rise again in the morning, because we have the science to tell us so. It’s an assured expectation. A blind faith like you say is hoping something will happen because we want it to, with no proof whatsoever. I have faith in the Bible because of things like, years before anyone believed it, in Job26:7 it speaks of God ‘hanging the earth upon nothing’, which we now know to be accurate. Also theres a prophecy that was written no less than at least 100 years (archaeologically proven) before it happened that Babylon would be overthrown, specifically by a man named ‘Cyrus’. And what happened? A decade later, Babylon was overthrown by the Persians, specifically by Cyrus The Great. Now I understand that coincidences happen. But more than one prophecy in the Bible has been proven to have been fulfilled, both akin written record and archaeologically. This leads me personally to have faith that prophecies outstanding will also be fulfilled, like for example the restoration of a paradise on earth (not heaven or hell as some would have you believe, or not believe). Just the same as you have faith that the sun will rise, because it’s been proven that it has in the past, we know it will in future. That’s not a blind faith, it’s faith based on evidence. And btw people often speak of faith in n a derogatory sense, like only imbeciles would have it. But scientists need faith aswell. How was the universe started? The Big Bang, we’re well aware of that. But where did that energy (in the form of a singularity) come from in the first place? You have to faith that you’ll one day be able to figure out the answer to that. And if we never do, then you still have to have faith that it came from somewhere, otherwise our whole understanding of the start of the universe will have to be rewritten. Yes both religion and science involve a certain amount of faith, just how much if that is ‘blind’ depends on how mich each of us is willing to do the research and study on.

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