Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting woman during last rites pleads no contest

Yeah, I don't think real Hesychasm can be practiced at a Western-style retreat. That sort of thing is done by monastics living at Mount Athos, where it has been practiced for centuries, who devote significant parts of their lives to it. As Westerns, we often want our results Here and Now so we can move on to the next Thing while in the East there is more of a sense of perpetuity and taking the time to make a practice a part of one's self.

Anyway, I've enjoyed this conversation as well! Like I said before, I throw this stuff out there for you to take and leave as you will. Eastern Orthodoxy is far from perfect. It's not open to reincarnation or "alternative" spiritual approaches (I mean, as you noted, the Hesychast practice is yogic in its technique and aims ... but yoga itself is looked down upon in many quarters). I myself study quite a bit of esoteric thought that is definitely frowned upon there. Still, interesting ideas and ways of looking at the world an come from any number of sources.

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