Cathy Young: "The problem isn’t just people getting 'canceled.' It’s the rise of an illiberal culture that explicitly judges people on the basis of race, gender and other identities, and insists that speech must be rigorously monitored as a tool of oppression."

extremist violence has skewed heavily right in the past 30 years (which could be changing)

This was the part the Lol was for in particular. It was pretty much the opposite of what she said.

Electing Joe Biden, a moderate Democrat, may be such a chance.

I find this part hilarious especially. He is a terrible candidate but due to how terrible everything is he seems preferable to people who'd never vote for him. I get what she means. Maybe some of the left is too far. The examples of danger she mentions are just funny to me.

“If local law enforcement is overwhelmed and needs backup, let’s see how tough these antifa terrorists are when they’re facing off with the 101st Airborne Division,” Cotton tweeted on Monday,

These are actual politicians on the right saying these things. They're suggesting them broadly so they can go after anybody they don't like and put down dissent. If you don't see it then I can't convince you and you can go ahead your criticism is at least somewhat valid. But one danger is right in front of us (the right/auth right) vs the left being too sensitive to people not giving a shit and property.

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