Cats are objectively better pets than dogs.

Dogs and cats are both equal in terms of being a loving companion you have a deep emotional connection too.

This is the only “objective” thing in this post. As in, it’s objectively not true. Dogs have evolved alongside humans for over 30,000 years. They’re the first animal we domesticated. They have been selectively bred for 10s of thousands of years specifically to bond and work with humans. Dogs bond with their owners WAY more than cats do. A cat is closer to a hamster than a dog in terms of bonding with its owner. Dogs release a ridiculous amount more oxytocin when with their owner than a cat does. A lot of reasons for this, dogs are social animals like humans, cats not so much, as I said humans and dogs developed alongside each other, dogs are smarter than cats, depending on the breed, some by a long shot. I mean, there’s a reason they use dogs for therapy and not cats.

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