Caught on Video, IIT Kharagpur Abuse Row Raises Questions on Casteist Bullying

This is shocking! I can't believe a professor at IIT, especially Humanities department professor conducted herself this way.

Lot of IIT professors had put lot of effort to reach there. Lots of them are proud about their work and where they are(IIT). They put so much effort to teach these classes. They have good expectations from these so called talented students. Generally students don't show interest in classes, don't attend classes(20% of classes you can skip) and some more. This is kind of tiring and frustrating for the professors who take their work seriously.

AFAIK, students takes HSS courses because they are mandatory. Most attend these to get an easy grade, get a passing grade etc. This explains why these professors are kind of tired and angry at the students in these departmnets.

But the way she conducted herself in the class is not at all respectable. After seeing another video on her, seems like she is really frustrated. She needs help and counselling.

Casteism does not exist in IITs. Don't take one bad seed to describe about the whole crop.

PS: I love my country. I find standing for national anthem at movie theateres and some other places annoying but that is tolerable for me. If you don't like standing up for national anthem, it is okay. Please, don't disrespect the anthem. if you don't like standing for the anthem, excuse yourself from the situation. Lets say, everyone is standing for the anthem and you are the only one sitting. It shows that you are disrespecting instead of neutral point of view.

PPS: I might get downvoted for this. Wth, I poured my views here.

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