A Cautionary Tale~

The newby leadership tries. Half the time the people they removed did end up being actual spies. But at some point, asking people to leave certain social discords because that's where some of your enemy lurks is just tyranny.

People form relationships beyond alliances.

Bankrolling the entire guild might be one thing, but it's just a license to be a prick. Sure it keeps the guild stable. A stable 3 month turnover. Most leave within the first 3 and the most tolerant leaves by the sixth. That's not too bad some might say.

The rest of leadership excuses themselves for the turnover because hey, it's a guild for newbies. The turnover is expected. 0 self reflection. Nothing wrong at all.

It's a great guild for new players. However, mmos are about building relationships and growing with them. Join a guild where colors mix, don't waste your time in a guild where you're expected get tainted in one. There are plenty of other guilds which provide a better experience.

Don't waste your time in this one.

And if you're a potential spy, just be slightly proactive and be willing to butter leadership a little. You'll be leadership in no time. Two weeks tops.

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