The Cavs have told Kevin Love to help them trade him - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

This is what I don't get. We lock into bad contracts back in 2016. Everybody makes fun of us, "blah you blew you're chance with Dame and C.J. Wasted their primes." We are finally getting around to setting the cap... and opposing fans and national media are astro turfing a deal for some other franchise's terrible decision?

A guy from Lake Oswego who played college basketball at UCLA and played up that connection on TV and in the media every chance he got. As long as he was great "headed for LA and back home." Outside of a tweet every once in a while I don't hear shit about Love and Portland.

The moment he's somebody else's unwanted laundry... then we should be obliged to take him on?

How bout, FUCK NO!!!

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