CBSNews reporter Paula Reid presses Trump on a month long gap in his administrations response to Coronavirus.

As a former Republican I am absolutely disgusted at the thought there are morons that actually support this fucking idiot. He acts exactly like a defensive child when confronted with his deficiencies instead of showing even an ounce of adult leadership skills.

The neo-Republicans chortle at the thought of "triggering the libtards" without realizing they're laughing at their own fucking stupidity. They wear it like a badge of honor.

I'm proud I left the party when I realized George W. Bush and his band of neoconservatives lied to my face to start a multi-trillion dollar war with Iraq.

I'm proud I avoided the whole idiotic teabagger movement within the party like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Then there is Trump... WTF. His supporters represent a special kind of fucking stupid. He makes George W. Bush look presidential.

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