CDC study shows Pfizer Covid vaccine is 93% effective against hospitalization in 12- to 18-year-olds

I respect your response however this calculator is in accurate.

Here are some computer formulas that go through optimal sample sizing

Here is a reference to why 10% of n amount of of the population is good for Basic surveys such as feedback forms, needs assessments, opinion surveys, etc. conducted as part of a program. Surveys that use random sampling.

NOT: Complex or very large surveys, such as national household surveys. Surveys to compare between an intervention and control group or before and after a program (for this situation Sample size: A rough guide). Surveys that use non-random sampling, or a special type of sampling such as cluster or stratified sampling (for these situations see Sample size: A rough guide and the UN guidelines on household surveys). Surveys where you plan to use fancy statistics to analyse the results, such as multivariate analysis (if you know how to do such fancy statistics then you should already know how to choose a sample size).

The sample size of the amount of people in this article is less than 1% of the entire US population. That is not a good sample size.

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