Celera Prime Art

I would run into her knee 18,211,491,420,158,518,111,455 times, or maybe just 500 gazillion times. As for the cop, I would run into her knee way past the point where I had the ability to really say practically anything and had to remain silent. ......
[took the letters from "run into her knee" and put them into numeric form and got that long number there.]

With anything she said, she could and would use everything [weapon, body part. toy, ball, sports equipment, instrument, gear, S & M wear, device, gadget, bondage stuff, femdom, panties, briefs, and things that really make it so much funner, easier, and sexier for her] against me in the area of, on, in, and around my crotch, especially if she chose to wave any of her rights [her right breast, her right fist, her right foot, her right knee, elbow, hand, ...] I would have the right to ask for my crotch to have a turning. She had the duty to give my crotch a turning.

Should I felt like my crotch simply could not afford even the lightest bit of more turning, ... or if she paid every bit of her energy and grew rather tired of repeatedly turning my crotch [around in her hand as she squeezed, grabbed, pulled, hit, jabbed, crunched, punched, poked, patted, pushed, prodded, pinched, probed, and twisted it left, right, up, down, forward, backward, etc.[, she could provide me with any ballbuster, each of which she could easily afford!

Number 4: Look on the bright side! No more itch, scratch, tightness, readjusting, chafing, or any of that kind of thing for at least another couple of days. [Plus side: quick recovery] Minus side: Next busting session or event comes with far more strength, power, force, might, length, tightness, grip, and way more explosiveness.
Number 5: Dream girl scenario!
Press, push, pump, punt, grind, grip, turn, stomp, step, stamp, spring, twist, tickle, more!
tens of far many ladies looking! buster & bustee getting very hard! feeling more aroused! asking her pals! the more ladies equals merrier times! each girl explains the scenarios!

Number 6: Hey, I'll tell you when I've had enough!

Number 7: The best surprise greeting for a bb lover!

Number 8: better without the licking, but I'm right up!

Number 9: So many jokes! Keep hitting these for endless fouls and you'll never have to worry about being called out! A pop fly into the stomach that fell back into the mitt [sack]. Should you maybe hit these babies enough times, we could see tons more balls appear, ... [much more than four!!!] A slam this grand feels worthy of many nive stretches any time!

Number ten: Can't touch these [tits]!

Number eleven: The salivation army! The no salvation for him army! The annual ball [after they are done with him, at least[! Fill up his sack with goodies! Make his bag full! The bigger size that you make the sack, feel much more happy today! Have some nuts! Get more if you go crazy as a big cake! Going nuts to screw some bolts up into his balls!

Number twelve: Better yet, four ropes! One around the left ball, ... one around righty! Another all the way around the sack!!! Fourth quite nicely on the roots of his big penis! Fifth around the base of the penis! Sixth around the head of the penis! 7th on the tip! Additional ropes, strings, yarn, thread, etc. around the left half, right half, whole sack, ... both halfs, both bags, both balls, one ball & sack, other ball & sack, both balls & sack, ... sack & scrotum, lefty & scrotum, righty & scrotum, scrotum & each part of the penis, ... another one connecting each ball with each part of the penis. Lost count! Endless! ... Press those santa boots against his balls! Santa's buckled belts around each crotch part! Wear something that is so sexy that if he ever happens to turn his head and see your body, that deer will rain so much, the force of his outburst will let people know he can really fly! Turn every Santa accessory, clothing, gear, gizmo, gadget, etc. into either a bondage, ballbusting, femdom, lingerie, and / or other thing until we practically make Mr. Santa Clause right into Mistress Satin Cuffs!

Number 13: Joan Jett can make love a real battlefield of ballbusting!

Number 14: Another dream scenario! The only thing that could make that one better here: One of them lifting him up by his left, another one lifting him up by his right, a third one lifting him up by the scrotum, 4th one lifting him up by the sack, another by roots, another by the base, another by the shaft, another by the head [of the penis] another by the tip, and a 10th one by his entire groin! More people uppercutting, punching, striking, kicking, kneeing, grinding, punting, twisting, turning, mashing, and otherwise attacking every part of his whole groin at the same time. Another one lifts him up by the chin, not strangling. another lifts him up by his head, .... another by his chest, and another lifts by his chest, ... but uses her breasts to lift his body, turning his whole body into her own human penis, massaging it all the time, like she is giving his entire body a boobjob.
Another gives his entire crotch a blowjob, another gives his body a handjob, another a footjob, and so many more things for him!

Number 15: A line long enough could make the second Hands [and feet, legs, knees, fists, elbows, mouths, fingers, toes, heads, boobs, asses, and all else] Across [and inside, on, under, between, inside, around, etc.] Him, Erica [or whatever her name may happen to be] just as successful as Hands Across America.

Number 16: That's my kind of nightclub...

Number 17: Nice to see they have such varied footwear. Well, Hopefully they will each do every step, stamp, stomp, kick, knee, heel, turn, grind, and other foot attack, pleasure, pain, sexual act, kink, fetish, and more to each and every part of his crotch. Maybe even putting their footwear on their hands and using their hands, too. Then, use socks on the feet, .... Next. on the hands. Then, trade footwear until everybody has done everything with every form of footwear on ecery part of their body, using each of these on every part of his crotch. Should they wish to continue, use gloves, mitts, mittens, and so much more.

Number 18: Hopscotch, jumping jacks, bunny hop, macarena, square dance, line dance, chicken dance, one foot, the other foot, back and forth between those. both feet,
Face each & every direction, doing each & every foot exercise on each & every inch of every part of his ever-growing and expanding crotch.

Number 19: Play hackeysack, football, soccer, foot drills, rugby, and every manner of foot sport, exercise, activity, attack, etc. with every bit of both of your legs, knees, feet, toes, etc. on each and every inch of every part of his growing, inflating, & forever expanding crotch.

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