Censorship at its finest

"don't believe everything you read on the internet", as abe lincoln famously said.

And you might be interested to read Liveleaks comments:

LiveLeak told its users in a statement on Monday that it was refusing to carry the video because it did not want to “indulge” the perpetrator by carrying his propaganda and that it had received “no small number of complaints” regarding the fact that it would not carry the video of the shooting in New Zealand, streamed live on Facebook.

“The Christchurch shooter wasn’t just some random ‘nutcase’. He planned not just the murders but also the chaos he would sow with his manifesto which reads like the fevered dream of a fully fledged ‘shitposter’.”

“Currently, judging by media coverage and reactions online, he’s getting almost exactly what he wanted. We don’t intend to indulge him further.”

his and his kind crave the attention you want to supply him. fuck him and his murderous fellow cowards... what sort of real warrior shoots up a room of unarmed women and children?

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