[Censorship] The Philippines' National Telecommunications Commission has blocked access to several porn/NSFW sites, notably Pornhub.

Do you live in the Philippines op? If so...

It’s much more accurate to describe Duterte as Trump but considerably less competent and less successful.

Jesus op, I’m sorry. Trump is a bitch to deal with. I can’t even imagine how bad it is with Duterte. This extreme right wing take over of the world is bat shit crazy. They hate the environment, science, civil rights, women, minorities, the poor, immigrants, on and on and on. They’ve ROYALY FUCKED UP this Covid -19 pandemic.

Op, seriously, why can’t people have anything nice? I don’t even know if that question can ever be answered with anything other than... who knows. I wish there was an answer though. A good start is why people like Duterte and Trump seem to end up in power all the time.

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