Central Doctors' Committee announces strike in response to violent assault of medical personnel

I'm a doctor to-be. You think I like hearing about a doctor, working in a pandemic, getting assaulted? Obviously that is wrong and senseless. What's also wrong, is voluntarily abandoning sick people in hospitals. I get why the strike is happening, they have a right to be mad. Lakn al 3'aaya la tubrr al waseela. When a person stabs another person, that's injustice. But when a cop stabs the person who stabbed the other person, that's also injustice. When a patient assaults a doctor, that's injustice. When a doctor refuses to treat all patients because a patient assaulted him, that's also injustice.

You don't balance out injustice with even greater injustice. Because it'll still be harmful.

Assaulting people is not okay. That is common sense. Criminals, don't abide by the law. That is also common sense. They will break the policies, whether they're there or not. Because, they're criminals. And you can trust criminals to continue be criminals before and after a new fancy and completely redundant policy put into place. I say redundant because the policy already exists. With the way people acting now they make it sound like assaulting people was totally okay in the eye of the law.

I'm not against doctors being protected. This can be arranged and should be arranged, if it's not already in place. But we don't need doctors to strike right now. This is a pandemic. We are in a state of emergency. Priorities go first. Prevent and treat is the strategy. There are sick people. Sick people are increasing rapidly. People are dying because they're sick and their health complicates. Now, with this strike, more people will die because people are being refused help. Sick people, abandoned in hospitals, will pay the price for a couple of rascals. That's injustice.

I'm only a doctor to-be, you can say. But I'd never have the heart to abandon all my patients because of a few incidents. Everyone is so excited to jump on the "yes, doc strike!" bandwagon. But no one truly values the lives of people who will actually be suffering and dying in consequence of it. Wa lw roo7 sha59 wa7d bas 7atmot this strike shouldn't be. If you have the heart to accept it, good for you. But I don't. Nor does a doctor who took a fucking oath to save people should, because by abandoning their patients, they will be directly responsible. This goes against the ethics of the very profession they're practisinh. This strike is completely and senselessy harsh.

I'm not saying doctors should embrace the assault. No. They have every right to protest this. They're the ones putting their lives out there to save others. What I am saying is that a strike is not the proper response to it, period. What the union is saying is basically, "Okay, you know what, we'll just let people die until you do x,y,z" I find this a completely horrid thing to do. To blackmail the gov (that virtually doesnt even exist right now) by essentially threatening to abandon patients. To me, that is equally disgusting and injust as patients assaulting doctors.

Everyone's at fault in this. The patient assaulting people. The doctors leaving all hospitals and letting patients fend for themselves. Everyone's being unreasonable. لانو اصلا من البداية، لو نحن بنتعامل بالعقل this far3'a won't be. Everyone is champoining equality and justice, but we're so so lost on what justice and equality are.

I'll leave you with this: just know, that if you or someone gets terribly sick and in need of medical assitance, no one will be there for you because of this strike. You can't pause sickness. There will be people out there who will go into the ER for, heart attack, seizure, blood poisoning, or whatever, and they'll find no one. I can't stand the thought of that. But go ahead, support the strike. We'll see how that pans out.

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