**CERB/EI/Other Benefits Information & Discussion Megathread #2

I’m an overly anxious person lol and I’m probably late to the party, but I’m hoping somebody could help put my mind at ease.

I applied for EI on the 24th after being notified that the company I worked for was going to be rolling out ROEs to Service Canada. The store closed on the 17th and most of us were under the impression that we were only going to be paid until the 28th. The company decided to extend that until the 4th but were still sending ROEs for people who were not scheduled for a period of 7+ days. They give us a weekly schedule, so I had no way of knowing whether or not my ROE was going to be sent or if I was being paid. I applied for EI before I knew of the extension. I ended up being on the pre-made schedules up until the 4th, so my last paid day of not actually working was then. The company is still in the process of sending my ROE. According to the CERB requirements, I wouldn’t qualify for the March 15th-April 11th period that they paid me for.

I called multiple times and was able to get in touch with someone to address the issue but my application was already finalized for CERB. I’m aware that in order to qualify for EI you need to not expect payments for 14 days in the initial period. I stopped working but I was being paid for the pre-made schedules up until the 4th. I asked if my payments were going to be an issue and they gave me fairly wishy-washy answers (started with no, then they weren’t sure, then they were pretty confident that they would just end the payments early, or that they would deduct whatever I got paid off the amount, etc). She ended up saying to not worry about it and that they already deposited the retroactive payment anyways.

I guess social media is just making me worry. I don’t want to face a huge penalty/fine, or have to pay every $2000 payment going forward because I didn’t technically qualify for the first month. I put in a service ticket, but I’m just lost guys. I held on to that $2000 they deposited into my account in case anything happens, but I noticed that more came in today. I guess what I’m really looking for is advice and how to make sure I get all this sorted.

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