Cernovich tweets centipede's GENIUS Michael Moore riff turned Trump campaign ad

I started tearing up... I don't care.

I'm not even one of the fucked over, but I refuse to not fight for my future - my kids and grandchildren, former friends and their families, those I meet in the workplace, the alcoholics like me I meet in meetings who are trying to rebuild their lives, the guy I pass every day in his wheelchair traveling across town to wherever-the-fuck he goes every day... All of those people in line at the food stamp office downtown....

It's going to be glorious. Clinton appeared on Univision and talked about how much she loves Mexican food (without her fake southern accent, as many proper are pointing out), while Trump did five rallies yesterday. While tens of fucking thousands stood and waited him to show up. They are out there wanting their lives to change and they're gonna do whatever it takes.

Vandals attacked Trump's star on the Walk of Fame. Some cunt in Twitter is demanding we boycott Ivanka Trump's clothing line. Liberals are huddling together in safe rooms and demanding we admit their feminist ways are being stomped by Trump's candidacy. Meanwhile terrorists have attacked our nation how many times this year? And how many times have Obama and Clinton stated they would fight the powers responsible? Have the even named those responsible?

The rising insurance costs are atrocious, but that's minor compared to the beating we will take with a Clinton Whitehouse. God speed, friends. Hope we can breathe a sign of relief on November 9th.

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