Ceryneia is down for maintenance any idea how long that takes?

I asked customer support:

kevin [5:36:14 PM] : Hello, my name is kevin. I'm here to help you today.
Me [5:36:50 PM] : Hey, I was just curious as to why the server, Ceryneia, from New World is down without any notice?
kevin [5:37:41 PM] : May I place you on hold for 2 minutes while I research this?
Me [5:38:01 PM] : Yup
kevin [5:44:55 PM] : Hi can you please help which region it is
Me [5:45:03 PM] : Ceryneia
Me [5:45:09 PM] : US-E
Me [5:45:11 PM] : sry
kevin [5:46:40 PM] : I do see it is under maintenance nd it was informed in game like on the start page when you start the game
Me [5:47:13 PM] : Without any notice that it was going down
Me [5:47:27 PM] : I was just asking if there's any reason that its currently down?
kevin [5:49:02 PM] : it was for server maintenance
Me [5:49:59 PM] : Thre was no reason or notice given for server maintenance
Me [5:50:02 PM] : There*
Me [5:54:35 PM] : Nor were we given any rough estimate or time span of how long the maintenance might be
kevin [5:55:54 PM] : server ceryneia was down so it is under maintenace there were few issue in serrver and when you start the game you will see thew notice right there maybe you were in game so you were unable to see it

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