CES: Did AMD just beat the i9 9900K with a Ryzen 5, 3000 chip???

How many Consumer CPU's to earn the same profit as a gaming CPU? 2-3?. How many gaming CPU's to earn the same profit as a HEDT CPU? 5-6? How many HEDT processors to earn the same profit as a server CPU? 2-3?

These are rough estimates but it should give you an idea of where the money is, and why Zen as an architecture is designed focusing on server production environments rather then desktop. And the simple answer: Because it makes sense.

are you including sales in that equation or just raw price and profit from 1 unit of each? because i can see a problem there: there isn't a server for every consumer/office pc. same goes for all in between. not to mention the time period for which you futureproof the product, one is likely to be replaced by default in the next 2 years because that's normal, the other will be expected to be on and running 24/7 for at least 5 years.

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