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Hello r/CFB!

Some of you may remember this series from past years, when r/CFB helped simulate an entire season of college football. Unfortunately, u/JCiLee is unable to run the series this year, and I have offered to pick it up instead.

I have not set the form to only allow one response per user so that as many as possible may participate. Please do not abuse this, or I may be forced to require e-mail authentication in the future.

How the simulation works is fairly simple: Each week, you, the voters, vote for the team that you believe will win each game (every FBS game will be voted on in each form). The results of the voting will help determine the outcome of the simulation. Once each game’s result has been decided, we will move on to the next week, eventually simulating an entire season and determining a national champion. For example, if Virginia Virginia falls to Richmond Richmond in Week One, they will be listed as 0-1 when they play Indiana in Week Two, and so forth.

However, the direct results of the vote do not determine who wins each game. The votes will actually be used to determine the probability that each team wins the game. For example, if 75% of voters predict that Virginia Virginia will beat Richmond Richmond, then Virginia will have a 75% chance of beating Richmond. A RNG will be used to choose a random number 1-1000, and that integer will determine the winner of the game. In this example, if the integer is <750, Virginia would win the game, whereas if the integer was >750, Richmond would be crowned the victor. The closer the integer is to the dividing line also determines how close the games was. For example, if the integer was 25, Virginia would have stomped on Richmond, whereas if the integer was 751, Richmond would have squeaked by in a nail-biter.

If this interests you, please click here to make your predictions!

I plan on making these posts every M/W/F, and allowing ~24 hours before the polls close. A spreadsheet with conference standings and game results will be posted as well. These posts will continue until we have simulated every week, and crowned a National Champion!

We can then compare this simulated season to the results of the actual season come January!

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